Fairfield County Medical Foundation

The Fairfield County Medical Association recently established the Fairfield County Medical Foundation to distribute aid to Fairfield County doctors, patients and medical students. The three major categories of assistance are as follows:

  1. Patient Care: Help those who live in underserved neighborhoods gain access to quality medical care Fairfield County.
  2. Impaired Physicians: Help Fairfield County doctors overcome obstacles due to an addiction, dependency, emotional or behavioral disorder, or physical or mental illness. The goal is to help these physicians maintain their medical licenses while overcoming these obstacles.
  3. Medical Students: The Lambros E. Siderides, MD Scholarship Fund provides financial assistance to student residents of Fairfield County who attend a Connecticut medical school.

Dr. Siderides"Lambros was a physician of enormous intellect, energy, commitment and passion who faithfully and unswervingly served his patients and our medical community for 50 years.  His dedicated commitment to impeccable standards of care, and his clinical practice based upon the principles of meticulous history taking, detailed physician examination and prudent and judicious case analysis, leaving a legacy congruent with the finest tenets of our profession."  Dr. Noel Robin, a longtime friend and colleague of Dr. Siderides.



Please give generously.